IoT Platform addresses the latest trends - Telematics, Internet of Things and M2M. The application covers a wide range of activities around us – tracking and monitoring of movable & immovable assets, physical process-financial impact analysis in Transportation, Utilities, Energy, Agriculture, Construction, Mining Industries and beyond.

Edge Computing (EC), In-Memory Processing (IMP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Blockchain are some technologies we are working on in future solutions. Our goal is to provide world-class solutions at a reasonable cost that can benefit the common man, impacting daily life.


Asset Tracking

Track and monitor your assets to know their location and operational state in real time, across your campus. In addition, inventory and utilization available in the system.

  • Build and manage your own custom infrastructure
  • Locate assets with high level of precision
  • Real time inventory of assets
  • High quality tags suitable for use in rugged environments over long periods
  • Notifications, Alerts based on configurable business rules

Usage Based Insurance

Compute insurance premiums in an innovative way factoring risk, asset data, user behavior, safety, contextual data and other parameters, relevant to business and asset type.

  • Applicable to motor, medical and industrial insurance
  • Proprietary algorithms using Actuarial and Data sciences
  • Insurers can customize risk assessment according to business needs in the system
  • Premiums based on asset performance history and usage/driving behaviour patterns
  • Measure safety parameters and adherence to local regulations (traffic, policies)


Rental/Lease Management

Monitor and control the safety of assets rented or leased across geolocations. Schedule and Measure asset usage through sensors and smart automation

  • Automation of asset renting and leasing
  • Automation of Asset check-in and check-out
  • Remote key/access management using mobile app
  • Immobilizer facility available for security and access control
  • Fleet owners have insights on asset status, location, safety measure, utilization, maintenance, driving pattern, revenue and ROI


Fleet owners can track assets, reduce costs, improve safety and streamline operation, with lower human intervention. Enable smooth operations, safe passage and timely delivery.

  • Driver identification using existing RFID cards or facial recognition
  • Motion sensor to determine the safety and driving quality of drivers
  • Route optimization and traffic information for efficient trip management, saving time and fuel