E-Terna Global Differentiation

Precise Irrigation
Crop Specific Fertigation Plans
Pest and Disease Control
Farm Input Supply
Autonomous Precision
Yield Boost
Protected Cultivation
Smart Farms
Track Harvest

Crop Planning and Production:

  • Soil and water testing - Request for a test on GroTron Marketplace
  • Professional help with crop and seed selection
  • Guidance with field and environment preparation for open or protected cultivation
  • Methodology suggestion - Organic, bio, chemical, molecular, enzymes or a mixed approach
  • Design guidance for irrigation and fertigation system
  • Package of practices and close followup throughout the crop cycle

Pest and Disease Control

Take a Picture

  • Take a picture of the crop with your phone camera using the free GroTron App on Android or iPhone.

Know the Remedy and Discuss

  • GroTron detects the crop and disease or pest infestation.
  • Learn about the symptom in detail in major Indian languages or english.
  • Get recommendation on remedies for cure and prevention.
  • Instantly discuss with our Agronomist regarding the problem and remedy.

Buy Remedy Instantly

  • Get to know farm input products which can offer remedy for the problem.
  • Place order in app and a GroTron Marketplace partner will deliver the product at your farm gate.

Nutrition Management

  • Customized fertigation plans based on your target yield.
  • Introduction to best macro and micro nutrients for superior crop growth.
  • Daily status update on nutrition given to crops and upcoming schedule.
  • Course correction and followup throughout the crop cycle.