SAP Consulting & Implementation

With our SAP Consulting Solutions, we help you to dodge the complex technological hurdles in your business environments and increase the return on investments. Whether you are looking for SAP Implementation, upgrade or add-on to your current functionality, our SAP services can be the answer to all of them.

We Offer a wide spectrum of quality services in SAP and related areas.

We bring together AI and Deep Tech experts dedicated to handling vast volumes of unstructured, scanned data associated with assets, along with real-time advanced sensor data transmitted from Aircraft or Engines. Alongside them, we collaborate with Finance and Risk professionals who concentrate on safeguarding the Residual Values of Assets as they transition between lessees and cross international borders.

Application management services like software assistance, SAP maintenance and remote development for custom projects.

Quick technical support.

Custom-made SAP consulting services - ideal for myriad types of companies : Small, medium or big. Application management services like software assistance, SAP maintenance and remote development for custom projects.

E-Terna for impeccable SAP implementation

E-Terna provides SAP services to

  • New SAP customers
  • Existing customers
  • Existing SAP customers looking to Upgrade( S/4 HANA)

Our Expertise

  • Best business processes and impeccable implementation methodologies
  • We study your business and processes currently deployed which will help us in redefining and re-engineering so as to simplify and increase efficiency.
  • We automate an integrated ERP solution utilizing the capabilities of SAP to the fullest extent.
  • In this age of digitization, we help you move in a better direction that is away from ERP's traditional role as a largely passive system of transactions.
  • We will Propel you towards a revitalized Enterprise System which is future friendly and flexible.
  • We implement SAP HANA in a hassle-free manner.
  • We help you build and support SAP HANA in your organization to transform your business into a more efficient one.
  • Our HANA implementation services will identify your requirements which are distinctive to the growth of your business so as to provide the service which suits your business the best.
  • We provide you with a custom-made solution which will reinvent the way you run your firm.


The time taken to deploy SAP services plays a vital role. SAP is an ideal solution to make your business quicker. So, it doesn’t make much sense if the SAP deployment process is lengthy, time-taking, and painstaking. Thus, We offer quick and cost-effective implementation services circumventing the lengthy and costly drill of traditional ERP implementation projects. Industry best practices and agile methodology are key to our exemplary and quick SAP implementation services.


Our SAP services doesn’t end after the implementation or an upgrade. SAP requires continuous care, support to help you run your business in the best possible way. We help you keep your SAP investment up and running at all times in the most productive and cost-effective fashion. Our SAP centre of excellence with knowledgeable SAP and business domain experts will help resolve your day to day operational issues and roll out enhancements and additional capabilities helping you to be efficient, proficient, and excellent in your business.